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  • How does your training work?
    1. I teach you the fundamentals of balanced dog training, and utilizing all four quadrants of operant conditioning. 2. Together we design an individualized plan that is unique to you and your dog! 3. We work one-on-one in the most realistic environments, outside and inside your home.
  • My dog is reactive, is this program good for them?
    Yes! The problem is not your dog barking or lunging at dogs/people. The fundamental issue is the relationship between you and your dog. I will teach you how to be a stronger and more confident leader, which will make your dog feel safe. Communication will be more clear after my training!
  • Where will training take place?
    I believe in realistic training that matches your dog and your families’ needs. Most behvaioural issues occur outdoors, so most of our training will be outside at a local park. When you have problems in your home, we will train indoors! Remember, it is individualized training, so you will get my undivided attention, no group sessions!
  • How long are the sessions?
    Every session is at least one hour and extra time is NOT tracked or charged. If we are having fun, we will keep training!
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