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Dog training to change your BEAST friend

into your BEST friend. 


I offer a variety of services, and will always offer a free first-time consultation to assess what training will be best for your pup. 


Foundations Training Program

My Foundation course focuses on some of the hardest commands that are designed to keep your dog safe.

You will only need these 6 commands, but it will be the toughest training your dog will learn:

  • Recall

  • Stay

  • Heel

  • Leave it

  • Place

  • Break


Behaviour Modification

Is your dog perfect at home but a little scary when they are outside? I offer the best tools with balanced training, to set you up for success for your reactive pup. Also improve behavioural issues you might have, this can include incessant barking, jumping on guests, leash pulling, lunging or anything specific that is causing stress to your family life.


E-collar Training

Want an improved recall, no matter how far your dog is?

I will show you the basics of a great recall and having the dog come to you 100% of the time! The e-collar will be conditioned at a low level using classic conditioning and NOT used as a correction.



Hi! I’m Kevin Choi, I help improve the communication (English & French commands) between owners and their dogs! I will thoroughly explain all the basics from simple hand signals and verbal cues, to implied commands.

All programs and services are personalized for your dog (& you), training outdoors and inside your home. It will always be one-on-one with just you and your dog. 

Lindsay, Ottawa

Kevin is extremely informative and friendly. He scheduled a consultation the same day I reached out to him. He is such an awesome trainer who is incredibly passionate about what he does. 

Vickie, Guelph

Kevin gets to know you and your dog on a personal level, and addresses your specific training needs. Our Sophie was truly transformed and eagerly wants to learn. He is so personable, and we will truly miss our weekly sessions.

Andrew, Guelph

Kev incorporates Peyton occasionally to help with distraction training, and teaches good socialization practices for your pup. No dog trainer out there is as committed as Kev, to you and your dog.


I will come to you!

I am available from 8am - 8pm. My map ranges from around 1 hour radius in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.


Don't be shy to reach out, and we can work out a meeting spot.

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Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting.





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